“Alas, it’s not a get-rich-scheme and doesn’t work that way.” A Subscription Authority Site - Avoiding Scams, Schemes and Serial Secret Sellers   An excerpt from Book Two in "The Knowledge Path Series” dedicated to helping you make more money from a lifestyle businesses you’re truly passionate about. You’ve built your “subscription authority site” which [...]

Packages for Producing Profits

Don't worry.  In the beginning you'll underestimate the scope of your project and the amount of time you'll need to devote to it. One way of breaking into the Gig Economy is to affiliate with other independent contractors. Day Four: Define Your Products. Remember, according to AnyWired's 30-day plan you should spend at least one [...]

Day 3.5 Pink, Pitches and Pixar

While practicing my craft 60 minutes each day I became obsessed with storytelling and pitching that story.   Disruptions derail our critical plans. Learn to make healthy, wealthy and wise choices for living, loving, working, playing, investing & retiring in a world turned upside down. You can tell I struggled with a name. AnyWired didn't [...]

Brainstorm Your Business Name

Of course, some of these are really absurd, but they do give you an idea of some common naming conventions. If there’s no domain available for that name, pick another one. Your domain branding is really important.   Day Three: Decide on a Business Name Business name? I'm not even sure if I have a [...]

60-Minute Habit

Day Two:  "Gather learning materials to help you practice your service before taking on a client." Now what?  I've gathered boxes of stuff and identified 11 ways of working through a process. Reviewing this step described by AnyWired now, dredges up my feelings of confusion. Instead of the blank page problem any author encounters before [...]

Behind the Scenes

Day One: Decide on the one service you will offer. "Once you become comfortable with providing that one service, you will naturally expand what you offer." This is so embarrassing. I searched through my knowledge bank. I tried several variations on names I felt it might be it. And, then by a few terms I associate [...]