Season Three: The Paradoxically Normal Year

“The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book”

Table of Contents

Season Three: The Paradoxically Normal Year

S3 E1 — Preview Day One in Season Three of the New Abnormality

S3 E2Preview of the New Post Pandemic Season

S3 E3A Pivot, a Miracle or Something Paradoxically Normal? 

S3 E4What a Fool Believes She Sees 

S3 E5Another Year Another Baby, Could Have Been Stevie like Stevie Nicks, but Noooooo! 

S3 E6What’s the Half Life of Wisdom? 

S3 E7Who Can Resist Ricky Gervais Calls in this Paradoxically Normal Year? 

S3 E8Wait, You’re Saying I Should Read It Again? 

S3 E9Melancholy and Undercover Brooklyn Moms Know Best 

S3 E10Feeding the Beast for Sheila in Fantasyland 

S3 E11Looking for a New Predictive Belief System? 

S3 E12 You Can’t Cure Stupid, but There’s a Cure for Ignorance 

S3 E13 — Why? 

S3 E14How! 

S3 E15Wait, Did I Say That Out Loud? 

S3 E16Quid Pro Quo the Awesome Kind 

S3 E17Guess What? You’re on a Treadmill Just Now Picking Up Speed 

S3 E18My Teacher is Sending You to Detention! 

S3 E19Thought Flickers, Cosmic Swirling and Exacted Costs 

S3 E20Celebrate the Anniversary of When Things Seemed So Normal 

S3 E21Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and My Curiosity Whisperer Walking a Yip-Yippy Dog

S3 E22What’s the Experiment Got To Do with the Exodus from Barb’s Bunny Ranch? 

S3 E23Free from the Pile of Rubble in Your Brain 

S3 E24Reunion on the Edge of the Pacific Ocean near Legoland? Hell Yeah! 

S3 E25 Art Lives Upon Discussion, Upon Experiment, Upon Curiosity … 

S3 E26Following Alice Down the Rabbit Hole 

S3 E27 What the World Needs Now Before It’s Too Late 

S3 E28Why I Stole Your Daily Horoscope for a Year

S3 E29Why 83.3% of the Time I Swiped Your Tau

S3 E30Steal These TauBits, Please. It’s Only Fair!

S3 E31Treat It Like a Pawn Ticket to Sketchier Things

S3 E32But, Why Should You Care?

S3 E33Do Meaningful Coincidences Really Exist?

S3 E34Why You’re Susceptible to Subliminal Suggestions Like … 

S3 E35This Ain’t No Zemblanity

S3 E36Placebo, Meaningful Coincidence or Just Feeling Lucky

S3 E37Tell Me More Lies I Can Believe In

S3 E38Sliding on a Super Slippery Slope to 2nd or 3rd Cousins

S3 E39Ready for Your Big Leap Forward?

S3 E40How Stealing Your Sign Led Me to a Nobel Prize

S3 E41What’s Up with Telluride or Humboldt County or Bodega Bay? 

S3 E42Greta, Juliette and the Partridge Family at Trestles

S3 E43Add a Little Foresight to My Misdemeanor Tab 

S3 E44Make It Rhyme To Work Each Time 

S3 E45 Tacit Heuristics Blinding Fast-Track Teams

S3 E46 Twisting Meaning to Fit Is Still a Misdemeanor in My Book 

S3 E47 Why’s and How’s of the Genius Art of Procrastination

S3 E48 Is That an Ace Up Your Sleeve or Are You Just Glad to See Me? 

S3 E49 Stealing Your Sign Without Doing the Time

S3 E50 Swinging with Systematic-Professionals, Sorta

S3 E51 What Do Cult Followers Lack?

S3 E52Say What???



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