S2 E19 — What’s Percolating in Our Collective Unconscious?

Are we a dying breed? On the endangered list? We long-form columnists, essayists, authors, freelancers, reporters, journalists, bloggers and self-publishers? Sustaining a lifestyle business takes time and persistence.

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

Hi and welcome to Saturday’s Episode 19 of the Second Season’s  My Pandemic Year’s Natural Experiment, on March 28th in the spring of 2020 here in California.

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“5”  Steve Greene, 34; Steve Guttenberg, 61:If you’re slightly less available to others and more able to go off by yourself, you’ll be incredibly more creative and available to the world.” Virgo


What would Leo da V do? Today he’s got me musing about endangered long-form writers ….

    • And, about the plight of bookstores and book publishing and why I’m learning as I go iterating with all the moveable parts building a knowledge bank  — taking concepts, putting them into practice and becoming more efficient at producing better practices towards self-publishing
    • A phrase from my way back and connected to Xerox PARC surfaces.  It’s what inspired me to create and share new knowledge. 
    • It’s how they described their research and development process — we experiment with each new tool (new prototype in the lab) to see what it makes us become, and then we innovate again and repeat the process.

And, of course Leo da V’s got me off wondering if it’s true that innovation like rust never sleeps?  

    • What lies in our imagination now?  
    • What’s percolating in our collective unconscious as we stretch and use limited resources in new and different and resourceful ways? 
    • As we improvise? 
    • As feelers (introverts, ambiverts and extroverts) open their hearts and souls in altruistic, unselfish ways.  
    • And thinkers (introverts, ambiverts and extroverts) open their minds and viewpoints to see new knowledge created and patterns that signal solutions never tried before to address complex challenges from a different angle. 
    • Take the why of curiosity to the what if of experimentation.

Turning to today’s Holiday Tau how strong is it, our legitimate one, for Zahn, Winkler, Emma the Baroness and me? Not much, I’m afraid.

“3”  Steve Zahn, 51:“You don’t feel comfortable in every environment but you’re willing to try until you feel the level of comfort that helps you navigate it.” Scorpio

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Wow, this couldn’t be better if it really was my birthday, but it isn’t  If it’s yours I see good things coming your way, right?

Today’s Holiday Birthday:  

You’ll meet the person who can help you launch your life in the direction of your dreams.  You’ll connect in different social circles in the next 10 weeks.  Next month places you in opportunity’s path, and you’ll turn an ordinary situation into an extraordinary moneymaker.  Friends and family will celebrate you.

Wow, Steve I now know why we appointed your our Patron Saint.  You couldn’t more on target for today.  And you’ve got me recalling my conversation with Brook when we wondered out loud if there was a half life of wisdom, like there is for engineers?

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): The world is changing fast.  What worked for you parents won’t work for you.  Past generations have much to offer you, and vice versa.” Aries

Hey G&G, while you might not be our Patron Saints, your TauBit of Wisdom fits for an innie Like me!

“5”  Steve Greene, 34; Steve Guttenberg, 61:If you’re slightly less available to others and more able to go off by yourself, you’ll be incredibly more creative and available to the world.” Virgo

What’s Going On

Literally Bottled and Set Adrift from KnowWhere Atoll 

    • @knowlabs followers or one or more of my 35 digital magazines jumped from 1452 to 1461.




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