Season Four: The Disruptively Resilient Year

“The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book”

Table of Contents

Season Four: Summary of the Disruptively Resilient Year

S4 E1Shell Shocked into the 4th Season

S4 E2Suffering Through Little Big Lies Insurrection Season

S4 E3Rocky-like Struggle Against Evil Touching Us All 

S4 E4Is This Our Disruptively Resilient Year?

S4 E5New Season of Domestic and Global Chaos 

S4 E6Hey Listen Up. Is This What You Need to Succeed? 

S4 E7And What’s Up with the Justice Department? 

S4 E8A Suicide and an Epic Trail of Destruction 

S4 E9Did the Luck of the Irish Run Out This Time for Old Orange Hair? 

S4 E10Who’s the First Person You Wanna Tell? 

S4 E11Were Putin and Trump Dipping into the Same Piggy Bank? 

S4 E12Why Did Trump Sue Deutsche Bank? 

S4 E13Was Trump Putin’s Puppet? 

S4 E14 Lies and Lost Causes and Repeat and Repeat 

S4 E15So Maybe Ulysses S. Grant Wasn’t Wrong After All 

S4 E16The Collateral Damage Triggered by the Reflexive Control Playbook 

S4 E17We Regret to Inform You … 

S4 E18Hopelessly Naive or Too Numb to Know Any Better? 

S4 E19The Reason Character and Honesty Don’t Count Anymore

S4 E20Resiliently Living Through Domestic and Global Chaos 

S4 E21Not Since the War of 1812

S4 E22Now, Who Could Argue With That?

S4 E23When In Doubt, Follow the Money

S4 E24Another Spooky Role to Play on the Outside

S4 E25Accountability?

S4 E26What Happens If No One Asks a Question?

S4 E27Who Cares If It’s The Right Thing To Do Anymore?

S4 E28 Why Do Those Who Know the Least Talk the Longest?

S4 E29How Much Mo Did He Pay for the Brooklyn Bridge?

S4 E30 Green Bay’s Conspiracy-Theories-R-Us from The OC

S4 E31Butt Dialing Your Way to a $Billion, What Could Go Wrong?

S4 E32A Rudy By Any Other Name Still Smells …

S4 E33When Was The Last Time Honesty and Character Counted?

S4 E34Preconceived Notions Hit the Road for Prescott

S4 E35Prescott Pitstop Knocks Me Off Balance

S4 E36Big Rigs, Skull Valley and Yarnell Hotshots

S4 E37Racing a Little Wobbly on Whiskey Row

S4 E38Billy and Buckey Blow My Brain in Whiskey Row’s Palace

S4 E39Closing in on Uncle Billy’s Lynx Creek Mining Claim

S4 E40Don’t Bet Against Montezuma or the Yavapai-Apache Nation

S4 E41Admiring Ancient Sinaqua and Anasazi Cultures


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