Table of Contents for The Tau of Steves

“The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book”

Table of Contents

Season One: The One-Year Natural Experiment

S1 E1 – Day One of My 1-Year Experiment

S1 E2Day 2 of My 1-Year Experiment

S1 E3Day 3 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E4Day 4 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E5Day 5 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E6Day 6 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E7 Day 7 of My 1-Year Experiment

S1 E8Day 8 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E9Day 9 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E10Day 10 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E11Day 11 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E12Day 12 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E13 Day 13 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E14Day 14 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E15Day 15 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E16Day 16 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E17Day 17 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E18Day 18 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E19Day 19 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E20Day 20 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E21Day 21 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E22Day 22 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E23Day 23 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E23Day 23 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E24Day 24 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E25Day 25 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E26Day 26  of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E27Day 27 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E28Day 28 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E29Day 29 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E30Day 30 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E31Day 31 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E32Day 32 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E33Day 33 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E34Day 34 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E35Day 35 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E36Day 36 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E37Day 37 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E38Day 38 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E39What’s Up with Facebook? 

S1 E40Nothing to See Here, Keep Moving On 

S1 E41The Dream Was Over, Long Live the Dream 

S1 E42Love on the Run 

S1 E43Desperation on Such a Summer’s Day 

S1 E44Google Me Some Chopped Liver 

S1 E45Day 45 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E46Day 46 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E47Day 47 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E48Holiday TauBit Trumps Funk 

S1 E49 — Magnetize the Version You Imagine 

S1 E50The Bias Brothers or Just Plain Losers? 

S1 E51Brief, Broad, Fast, Wow and Delight 

S1 E52Missing Chapters and Paths Not Taken 

S1 E53High 5’s for Tau Secrets Revealed 

S1 E54A Version That’s a TauBit Grander 

S1 E55All Roads Lead to the Future 

S1 E56It’s Frickin’ Summer and So Are You 

12 Hidden Secrets and Stolen Wisdom – Month Two 

S1 E57More or Less in the Know 

S1 E58Judging a Stroll from the Hotel Santa Barbara to the Lobero Theater 

S1 E59Where Did All the Dillon Millennials Go? Eureka! 

S1 E60Overlapping Cycles of Life 

S1 E61 — Investment of Time and Effort 

S1 E62Next Reality? 

S1 E63Day 63 of My 1-Year Experiment 

S1 E64 — Father and Son Rituals out of Storage 

S1 E65Focus Your Mental Energy 

S1 E66Do Your Proposals Lead to Contracts? 

S1 E67Don’t Misunderstand Me 

S1 E68Overcompensating for Disappointing Results? 

S1 E69Anniversary Trip of a Lifetime Deep in the Heart of Tuscany 

S1 E70Lingering Fear My Cover Was Blown 

S1 E71Isn’t There a Placebo for This? 

S1 E72It’s Taken so Long, I Could be Wrong 

S1 E73Do You Need a Little Leo da V Time Too? 

S1 E74You Know What To Do, Yeah Right! 

S1 E75Dreams and Schemes and Workarounds 

S1 E76“The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book”

S1 E77Why This Caper Is Breaking My Mind 

S1 E78Drag Me to Obsolescence, Clear the Way to the Future 

S1 E79Can I Keep It Up? For a Year? 

S1 E80I’ll Give You Adverse Conditions, Steve 

S1 E81— Is This My Wake Up Call, Steve? 

S1 E82Why Writers Aren’t the Only Endangered Species. Sigh. 

S1 E83The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book 

S1 E90Day 90 of My 1-Year Natural Experiment 

S1 E84Crisis averted?  Energy depleted?  What are we going to do? 

S1 E85What happens when the fear subsides? 

S1 E86Day 86 of My 1-Year Natural Experiment 

S1 E87 — Pipe Bombs Destroy Vacation Bliss 

S1 E88Who’s Marc Maron and What’s da Vinci got to do with him? 

S1 E89Because If You Don’t Someone Else Will. It’s Worth It! 

S1 E90Day 90 of My 1-Year Natural Experiment 

S1 E91If that, then this … ? The daily double?

S1 E92Shh … Secrets Husbands Keep to Ourselves 

S1 E93Why is it easier to Hate than to Love the other Half? 

S1 E94Wasn’t There a Movie about the Tau of Steve? 

S1 E95No Back to Work Days or Hump Days Allowed 

S1 E96Old Rabbits Die Hard 

S1 E97 My Top 19 Reasons for Failing 

S1 E98Why Can’t I Leave 26 Orphans for a Well Deserved Vacation? 

S1 E99What’s in a Name? Baby Boy Names? 

S1 E100Running out of Determination and Grit by the 100th Day 

S1 E101From Saint to Soul Mate and Trusted Friend 

S1 E102Why Is It Always Hidden in the Fine Print? 

S1 E103Innies and Outies and Other Potential Catastrophes 

S1 E104How Yesterday’s Success Triggers Tomorrow’s Failure 

S1 E105Will Fortune Smile on Us Later in the Evening? 

S1 E106 — Attempts to Upset 9 of My Life Stages Apple Cart 

S1 E107How Do You Rate Your Sense of Curiosity? 

S1 E108After So Many Defeats is it Time to Catch a New Trajectory? 

S1 E109Do All Introverts Take the Long Acetylcholine Pathway? 

S1 E110Love, Longing, Belonging, Connection and Loss 

S1 E111Is There Half-life of Wisdom? 

S1 E112 —  When Was the Last Time You Wrangled Your Past? 

S1 E113Is This an Omen? 

S1 E114Setbacks, Frustration, Epic Fails but How Was Your Day? 

S1 E115Meandering Minds, Falling Branches and Strange Pacing Until … 

S1 E116The Jolt of Lightning that Changed Everything 

S1 E117Poets and Priests and Testifying Under Oath … 

S1 E118Swiping Your Birthday Is What I Do, So Sue Me 

S1 E119What Happens When You Hold an Idea? 

S1 E120Metamorphosis, Exhilaration and a Life of Crime 

S1 E121When Should You Work Backwards and When Should You Shop? 

S1 E122Is the Next Best Thing a Friend with a Bad Memory? 

S1 E123Knowing it Wasn’t a Good Choice, But … 

S1 E124No Longer a Misunderstood Genius or Child Celebrity 

S1 E125No Names Again this Year but Pass the Gravy 

S1 E126Who Wouldn’t Want to Choose Steve, Stephen or Stevie for Your Newborn Infant? 

S1 E127Why Does My Horoscope Suck Compared to Yours? 

S1 E128Messy, Creative Leonardo-like Procrastinations 

S1 E129 — An Elephant, A 500 lb. Gorilla and a Chicken Walk into the …  

S1 E130How Do You Go On When Sheer Panic Sets In? 

S1 E131Brain Rattling, Self-Criticism and Second Guessing 

S1 E132Freudian Pink Slips for Endangered Writers and Bloggers 

S1 E133Why Don’t More Creators Write or Blog? 

S1 E134What Will This Force Me to Become? No Black Cats Allowed 

S1 E135The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book 

S1 E136Just How Do Zip Codes Prevent Homebuyer Remorse? 

S1 E137Shouldn’t I Bet It All on the Four 5s I’ve Been Dealt? 

S1 E138The Inscrutable Paradox of Tom Petty and Joan Irvine’s Estates 

S1 E139  — Crap, OTE, Just Crap 

S1 E140Chasing Squirrels While Barking At Nothing 

S1 E141Be Your Inner Artist and Let Her Fly 

S1 E 142Wisdom Arrives by Putting Knowledge into Action 

S1 E143 — The Grand Prize Winner 

S1 E144 — Down to Final Two Days Left 

S1 E145Three Miles of Coincidental Dancing 

S1 E1463 am Dreams Lend No Support 

S1 E147Whistleblowing, Melancholy and Curbing Fallen Needles 

S1 E148 — Unforced Errors, Disruptions and Discord 

S1 E149Tales and Trails and Mind Blowing Dents 

S1 E150Two Tiers Shed for a Dying 4Runner Classic 

S1 E151Stepping onto the Pitch with a Lean MVP 

S1 E152 — Why? Again. Why? 

S1 E153Only The Names Have Been Changed. And Some of It’s True. 

S1 E154 — Ever Gotten That 3 am Call from Gilligan? 

S1 E155 — Distraction or Viewing Addiction? 

S1 E156Hope? Placeholder? Sign? 

S1 E157Schemes, Plots and Plans 

S1 E158Car-Crash Addiction or Integrated Self? 

S1 E1595 Wise Guy Rankings, Why? 

S1 E160Mourning Kobe 

S1 E161Secret Combinations only Life Hacking Marketeers Know 

S1 E162Why Do Her Covert Back Channels End in Discord? 

S1 E163A Balboa Island Thank You 

S1 E164Picking up Followers While Cascading Down the Face of the Falls 

S1 E16511 Simple Steps for Finding the Authentic Quality-of-Life You Deserve 

S1 E166 — Falling Down the Time Sucking Rabbit Hole 

S1 E167Why is Tau the Golden Ratio Showing Up in Nautilus Shells?

 S1 E168A Mammoth Thank You to Kobe and Steve Jobs 

S1 E169Lockouts and Taxing 1-Year Season Coming to an End 

S1 E170Isn’t This Good-Bye?! 

S1 E171 — When’s the Best Time to Air Dirty Laundry? 

S1 E172Got it, Nash.  Rules, Heart, Mouth, Action. 

S1 E173AI, EVs, MRIs, Me and Steves 

S1 E174Isn’t the Lesser of Two Evils Still Evil? 

S1 E175Where’s the Finish Line? Is This Ever Going to End? 

S1 E176The Cliff Hanging Season One Finale

Season Two:  The Pandemic Year

How will our world unfold on the other side of this pandemic?  Back to normal? Or something entirely different?

S2 E1Sneak Preview Asking “How Toxic is Your Work Life?” 

S2 E2New Season Preview: Rippling Effects, Implications and Consequences We Didn’t See Coming

S2 E3Day 3 of My Pandemic Year Experiment 

S2 E4Sneak Preview: Day 4 of My Pandemic Year’s Natural Experiment 

S2 E5Second Season Sneak Preview: My Pandemic Year’s Natural Experiment 

S2 E6No We Don’t Share Your Precious Little Frickin’ Data 

S2 E7Smart Moves and Shifting Opportunities 

S2 E8How Does the Entangled Fish Hook Theory of Creativity Work? 

S2 E9Blame It On Your D4DR Gene, Not Me! S1 E62Next Reality?

S2 E10Cats, Ladders and Shaking Salt … 

S2 E11Waiting for the 3rd Shoe to Drop 

S2 E12Too Anxious to Meet and Eat 

S2 E13Slipping on a Bar of Dove Soap and other Ripple Effects 

S2 E14Reading Tea Leaves Bottled and Set Adrift 

S2 E15Behaving Badly, Why Big Sur made “Fodor’s Travel NO List” 

S2 E16Scroll to the Bottom for Foresight and Quality-of-Life, Right Leo? 

S2 E17Shutting Mountain Resorts Down, Closing Boutiques, Kicking Tourists Out

S2 E18What is the Truth and How Can You Tell? 

S2 E19What’s Percolating in Our Collective Unconscious? 

S2 E20Panic, Fertilizer and Least Expected Meaningful Moments 

S2 E21Cycles of History Rhyming with Endlessly Disruptive Rhythms? 

S2 E22Paranoid Rose Review and Traffic-Copped Check Out Lines 

S2 E23Gaping Loss No Amount of Mourning Will Heal 

S2 E24Working Remote from KnowWhere Atoll 

S2 E25Are You an Innie or Outie Thinker? 

S2 E26Rethinking the N-Word 

S2 E27Why I Have to Keep Leo da V on a Leash and So Should You 

S2 E28Hosting Norwegian Zooms While Trump Eliminated the Virus in April

 S2 E29Three Months That Changed the World 

S2 E30It’s Crazy. Why does Amazon Prime Work, but Netflix Doesn’t? 

S2 E31Getting Charged from Box Automattic-aly 

S2 E32Trapped and Bored? Or Unleashing a Reinvention Wave? 

S2 E33What Happens When Your Business Collapses? 

S2 E34Why Is This Kicking Off the 4th Industrial Revolution? 

S2 E35Was this Pandemic Year a 1-Off or New Way of Life? 

S2 E36Turning Lemons into Margaritas 

S2 E37How Deep is the Chasm? What Do We Do? 

S2 E38What Should You Do If You Stumble Across Loaded Information? 

S2 E39The Best Tau for the Pandemic Year, Don’t You Agree? 

S2 E40The Profound Impact of the Pandemic on Nouns 

S2 E41A Pandemic End to Real Estate and Consulting? 

S2 E42It Was Short and Sweet, but Heart-Felt 

S2 E43See What You’ve Been Missing … 

S2 E44Celebrating Emma the Baroness Tribal Quarantine Style 

S2 E45Wildcard What Ifs and Doobie Bros Bias 

S2 E46Whimsy Passion Project or Epic Novel of Adventure? 

S2 E4727 Adventure Regions for Your Remote-Working Bucket List 

S2 E48 Tracking Millennials from One Resort to Another

S2 E49Navigating Waves of Disruption When You’ve Lost Your Bearings 

S2 E505 Fundamental Uncertainties

S2 E51Let’s Agree to Make Things Worse, Shall We?

S2 E52What’s So Wrong with Conventional Wisdom Unless …

S2 E53The Fourth Step’s Passing Storm Botched Beyond Belief 

S2 E5490 Days to Future-Proof Your Career Trajectory and Lifetime Investments

S2 E55Dreaming of 30 Tempting Getaways 

S2 E56What Iffing 

S2 E57Science and Medicine or Politically-Motivated Misinformation?

S2 E58Check Back in 18 Months

S2 E59See What You’ve Been Missing

S2 E60She Began to Weep…

S2 E61Pink Behind the Reflections

S2 E62 — “Shh. Did You Hear That?

S2 E63Easier Than Finding His MacBook Air Password?

S2 E64Let the Beers and Weekend Partying Begin

S2 E65Pandemic Uncovered 11 Life-Changing Secrets You Shouldn’t Ignore

S2 E66The Romance of a Good Humor Man in Detroit

S2 E67Here’s What I Didn’t Know That Will Help You

S2 E68Take More Breakthrough Showers 

S2 E69How Can You Tell Who’s an Engineer at a Party?

S2 E70Persistent Failure

S2 E71 My Top 13 Worst Jobs of All Time 

S2 E7220 Niche-Specific Opportunities Found After Making Soul Crushing Mistakes

S2 E73WorkFit: Chopping Off 12 Losers at the Intersection of Speed and Independence

S2 E74Summing Up Your Situation in an Intensely Psychological Game

S2 E75   Guinea Pig Projections

S2 E76 — Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Paradoxy-Moron?

S2 E77 10 Years of Field Research for Better or Worse

S2 E78 What Do Paradoxy-Morons Want and Need? 

S2 E79Ain’t No Paradoxy-Moron? How About an Emerging-Entrepreneur?

S2 E80Unrealistic Expectations Hatched Green Box Lessons the Hard Way

S2 E813rd of 4 Secrets to a Better WorkFit

S2 E82How Do You Inject Innovation into a Century’s Old Company?

S2 E83Why Shouldn’t You Always Lean On Things That Worked Before?

S2 E84Maybe Robin Hood Got It Right After All, Eh?

S2 E85How to Up the Odds in Your Favor 

S2 E86How To Avoid a Disastrous Career Like Mine

S2 E87Start Ups Aren’t For Everyone. Are They a Better or Worse Fit for You? 

S2 E88Convincing Family, Friends, Fools and Angels

S2 E89Garage Bonking and Chasm Jumping

S2 E90How Many Road Warriors Does It Take to Fuel Our Growth? 

S2 E91How to Master Rapid Growth Without Gifting Your Competitors

S2 E92Herding Cats Towards a Tornado

 S2 E93Who It Takes to Keep Growth at It’s Peak

S2 E94Sustained Growth: Slicing Turnover and Grooming Experts

S2 E95 — The Founder’s Curse Unleashed by the Edifice Complex

S2 E96Two Kindred Spirits Drawn to Mature Complications

S2 E97Frame Blindness and Decision Traps

S2 E98 Why Your Company Simply Won’t Make It Out of Puberty

S2 E99Why Pay Over $100,000 When You Don’t Have To?

S2 E100Live, Love, Work, Play, Invest and Leave a Legacy

S2 E101The Story of Strange Bedfellows Saving the Day

S2 E102Caught by Surprise in a Major Gut-Wrenching Decline 

S2 E103 Confronting Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, Resistance and Unrelenting Stress

S2 E104Worst Monday Ever. Very, Very Grim … 

S2 E105When Cosmic Leads to Decline, Pair Extremes Intentionally

S2 E106How We Brainwashed Curmudgeons

S2 E107Leaving Us Adrift in a Sea of Change

S2 E108Why Our Reinvention Efforts Failed (and Yours Will Too)

S2 E109Rebuilding Trust Doesn’t Happen Overnight

S2 E110Keys for Reinventing a FUD-Soaked Enterprise

S2 E111 Against All Odds 530 is Alive!

S2 E112Betting on the Progress of 5 Innovation Teams

S2 E1139 Pitfalls to Avoid

S2 E114Top 10 Ways to Rebuild Trust and Reinvent Complex Enterprises


Season Three: The Paradoxically Normal Year

S3 E1 — Preview Day One in Season Three of the New Abnormality

S3 E2Preview of the New Post Pandemic Season

S3 E3A Pivot, a Miracle or Something Paradoxically Normal? 

S3 E4What a Fool Believes She Sees 

S3 E5Another Year Another Baby, Could Have Been Stevie like Stevie Nicks, but Noooooo! 

S3 E6What’s the Half Life of Wisdom? 

S3 E7Who Can Resist Ricky Gervais Calls in this Paradoxically Normal Year? 

S3 E8Wait, You’re Saying I Should Read It Again? 

S3 E9Melancholy and Undercover Brooklyn Moms Know Best 

S3 E10Feeding the Beast for Sheila in Fantasyland 

S3 E11Looking for a New Predictive Belief System? 

S3 E12 You Can’t Cure Stupid, but There’s a Cure for Ignorance 

S3 E13 — Why? 

S3 E14How! 

S3 E15Wait, Did I Say That Out Loud? 

S3 E16Quid Pro Quo the Awesome Kind 

S3 E17Guess What? You’re on a Treadmill Just Now Picking Up Speed 

S3 E18My Teacher is Sending You to Detention! 

S3 E19Thought Flickers, Cosmic Swirling and Exacted Costs 

S3 E20Celebrate the Anniversary of When Things Seemed So Normal 

S3 E21Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and My Curiosity Whisperer Walking a Yip-Yippy Dog

S3 E22What’s the Experiment Got To Do with the Exodus from Barb’s Bunny Ranch? 

S3 E23Free from the Pile of Rubble in Your Brain 

S3 E24Reunion on the Edge of the Pacific Ocean near Legoland? Hell Yeah! 

S3 E25 Art Lives Upon Discussion, Upon Experiment, Upon Curiosity … 

S3 E26Following Alice Down the Rabbit Hole 

S3 E27 What the World Needs Now Before It’s Too Late 

S3 E28Why I Stole Your Daily Horoscope for a Year 

S3 E29Why 83.3% of the Time I Swiped Your Tau

S3 E30Steal These TauBits, Please. It’s Only Fair!

S3 E31Treat It Like a Pawn Ticket to Sketchier Things

S3 E32But, Why Should You Care?

S3 E33Do Meaningful Coincidences Really Exist?

S3 E34Why You’re Susceptible to Subliminal Suggestions Like … 

S3 E35This Ain’t No Zemblanity

S3 E36Placebo, Meaningful Coincidence or Just Feeling Lucky

S3 E37Tell Me More Lies I Can Believe In

S3 E38Sliding on a Super Slippery Slope to 2nd or 3rd Cousins

S3 E39Ready for Your Big Leap Forward?

S3 E40How Stealing Your Sign Led Me to a Nobel Prize

S3 E41What’s Up with Telluride or Humboldt County or Bodega Bay? 

S3 E42Greta, Juliette and the Partridge Family at Trestles

S3 E43Add a Little Foresight to My Misdemeanor Tab 

S3 E44Make It Rhyme To Work Each Time 

S3 E45 Tacit Heuristics Blinding Fast-Track Teams

S3 E46 Twisting Meaning to Fit Is Still a Misdemeanor in My Book 

S3 E47 Why’s and How’s of the Genius Art of Procrastination

S3 E48 Is That an Ace Up Your Sleeve or Are You Just Glad to See Me? 

S3 E49 Stealing Your Sign Without Doing the Time

S3 E50 Swinging with Systematic-Professionals, Sorta

S3 E51 What Do Cult Followers Lack?

S3 E52Say What???

Season Four: Our Disruptively Resilient Year

S4 E1  Shell Shocked into the 4th Season

S4 E2  Suffering Through Little Big Lies Insurrection Season

S4 E3  Rocky-like Struggle Against Evil Touching Us All 

S4 E4  Is This Our Disruptively Resilient Year?

S4 E5  New Season of Domestic and Global Chaos 

S4 E6Hey Listen Up. Is This What You Need to Succeed? 

S4 E7And What’s Up with the Justice Department? 

S4 E8A Suicide and an Epic Trail of Destruction 

S4 E9Did the Luck of the Irish Run Out This Time for Old Orange Hair? 

S4 E10Who’s the First Person You Wanna Tell? 

S4 E11Were Putin and Trump Dipping into the Same Piggy Bank? 

S4 E12Why Did Trump Sue Deutsche Bank? 

S4 E13Was Trump Putin’s Puppet? 

S4 E14 Lies and Lost Causes and Repeat and Repeat 

S4 E15So Maybe Ulysses S. Grant Wasn’t Wrong After All 

S4 E16The Collateral Damage Triggered by the Reflexive Control Playbook 

S4 E17We Regret to Inform You … 

S4 E18Hopelessly Naive or Too Numb to Know Any Better? 

S4 E19The Reason Character and Honesty Don’t Count Anymore

S4 E20Resiliently Living Through Domestic and Global Chaos 

S4 E21Not Since the War of 1812

S4 E22Now, Who Could Argue With That?

S4 E23When In Doubt, Follow the Money

S4 E24Another Spooky Role to Play on the Outside

S4 E25Accountability?

S4 E26What Happens If No One Asks a Question?

S4 E27Who Cares If It’s The Right Thing To Do Anymore? 

S4 E28 Why Do Those Who Know the Least Talk the Longest?

S4 E29How Much Mo Did He Pay for the Brooklyn Bridge?

S4 E30 Green Bay’s Conspiracy-Theories-R-Us from The OC

S4 E31Butt Dialing Your Way to a $Billion, What Could Go Wrong?

S4 E32A Rudy By Any Other Name Still Smells …

S4 E33When Was The Last Time Honesty and Character Counted?

S4 E34Preconceived Notions Hit the Road for Prescott

S4 E35Prescott Pitstop Knocks Me Off Balance

S4 E36Big Rigs, Skull Valley and Yarnell Hotshots

S4 E37Racing a Little Wobbly on Whiskey Row

S4 E38Billy and Buckey Blow My Brain in Whiskey Row’s Palace

S4 E39Closing in on Uncle Billy’s Lynx Creek Mining Claim

S4 E40Don’t Bet Against Montezuma or the Yavapai-Apache Nation

S4 E41Admiring Ancient Sinaqua and Anasazi Cultures



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