S4 E18 — Hopelessly Naive or Too Numb to Know Any Better?

When will it end? We’re coming up on just 3 weeks into this 4th season and dipping back and forth among episodes in roughly the same time frames starting with the “Normal Year” which feels hopelessly naive …

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

“5”  Steve Smith, 30, Stevie Nicks, 72: “You might think that people who are a little like you will follow the same lines of thought, but they won’t. Your mind is more unique than you know. No one is you; don’t forget it.” Gemini

Hi and welcome to Friday’s 18th Episode in Season 4 of  Our Disruptively Resilient Year” on this 1st day of April in the spring of 2022.

We concluded the three-year examination of how bits of wisdom changed — during the “normal” pre-pandemic year compared to the pandemic year, and more recently to the paradoxically normal year. 

Season Four continues now within domestic and global chaos.

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When will it end? We’re coming up on just 3 weeks into this 4th season and dipping back and forth among episodes at roughly the same time frames from the “Normal Year” which feels hopelessly naive. 

I thought my work wold be done until the final weeks began bleeding into the “Pandemic Year.” Weren’t we holding out hope for some semblance of a return to normal?

And then something about blew all that out the window with the “Paradoxically Normal Year which seemed to end in the beginning February.  

But then, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine makes me afraid for our future and especially anxious about our fragile democracy given how bad actors have faced no accountability in this, “Our Disruptively Resilient Year.

S4 E1 — Shell Shocked into the 4th Season:  Oligarchs hiding paintings off shore

S4 E2 — Suffering Through Little Big Lies Insurrection Season: Quick paragraph summaries of previous seasons 

S4 E3 — Rocky-like Struggle Against Evil Touching Us All:  Vindmen’s talking points that turned into Quid Pro Quo call instead

S4 E4  Wedding window after Pandemic, but before Ukraine Invasion

S4 E5  Comparisons from 3 Seasons

S4 E6  Putin, Ukraine seen through Vindmen’s eyes

S4 E7  Russian Oligarchs, Money Laundering, Deutsch Bank

S4 E8  Deutsch Bank cuts off Trump

S4 E9 — Rosemary Vrablic’s Deutsch Bank group point person

S4 E10 — Deutsch Bank’s internal compliance: Kushners, Epstein and Trump

S4 E11 — How Deutsch laundered mirror Russian funds

S4 E12 — Mueller’s Volume II subpoenaed some Deutsche  records

S4 E13 — Trump’s admin emboldens Putin to invade Ukraine again

S4 E14 — Lost Cause explanation for extreme Trump authoritarians

S4 E15  Dictator, Trump and insurrectionists; Michigan rehearsal

S4 E16 — 1st impeachment Giuliani’s freelancing Ukraine role, 2020 election

S4 E17 — Profs from Chapman University and UCI Paul Merage School of Business

Any lessons for today from which we can build more resilience?


“3”  Steve Zahn, 51: “You’re sensitive to the energetic reality around you. You feel the shadows and either do something to lighten them or avoid them altogether. Be spiritually generous, but also know your limits.” Scorpio

If I’m tuned to energetic reality I’m certainly not conscious of it.  Or is that the message? What limits would they be?  How will I know if I cross spiritual boundaries? Maybe this is an April Fool’s prank?

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Today’s Holiday Birthday: 

You give yourself more space and more grace this year. You let yourself have plenty of time to do what you want. You are kind to yourself inside your head, allowing for the mistakes that are a natural part of being human. A seemingly counterintuitive approach will solve a problem.

Wasn’t there an old sitcom named “Grace and Space”?  Or was I just tripping in the studio of my mind?  But, there might be hope for you because of a counterintuitive solution to one of your problems — and — basically because this today ain’t my birthday.

“5”  Steve Smith, 30, Stevie Nicks, 72: “You might think that people who are a little like you will follow the same lines of thought, but they won’t. Your mind is more unique than you know. No one is you; don’t forget it.” Gemini

And my position hasn’t really changed much from yesterday.  Here’s my same answer. You won’t get an argument from me — with only 3 to 5% of introverts and extroverts with like minds I appeal to a narrow audience.  But does it matter today?

“4”  Steve Aoki, 41; Steven Spielberg, 74: “Negativity can be literally cleared away as you clean the environment. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when everything is in its place and the surfaces are cleaned.” Sagittarius

I know this to be true in real life — but, is that why I chose to list all of the shifts in context that influenced me and you over the past three years?  Is that part of cleaning my environment or trying to put things in place to feel better?  I’m venturing a guess — at least for me — the literal cleaning of our democracy will only be achieved through accountability for bad actors.

“5”  Steve Harvey, 62; Stephan Patis, 53;  Stephen Hawking (1943 – 2018): “Just as the wind moves stagnant energy outside, new influences move the stagnant energy of the mind. Reading, conversation and intellectual experiences are key to optimal health.” Capricorn

Who better to swipe this TauBit of Wisdom from than super smart Stephen Hawking?  Maybe his work should be added to my Kindle Long Form reads.

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    • “Here, Right Matters: An American Story” by Alexander Vindman. “We’d long been confused by the president’s policy of accommodation and appeasement of Russia, the United States’ most pressing major adversary. Russia’s president Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, seizing the Crimean Peninsula, attacking its industrial heartland, the Donbass, from the capital, Kyiv. By 2019, little had changed, Russian military and security forces and their proxy separatists continued to occupy the Donbass. The biggest change was to Ukraine’s importance as a bulwark against Russian aggression weeks earlier, the White House had abruptly put a hold on nearly four hundred million dollars.” 
    • David Enrich begins his book with a suicide in “Deutsche Bank Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction” and then meticulously details the bank’s Russian money laundering operations. Deutsche’s Russian business surged after revenues had fallen 50% due to the 2008 financial crisis. Putin’s Russia, poured in to Deutsche from deals it did with VTB Bank, linked to the Kremlin’s intelligence apparatus. Deutsche positioned itself as a crucial cog in “The Laundromat” by doing what couldn’t be done — processing cross-border transactions for banks that were too small  and didn’t have offices outside their home countries.
    • “Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy” by Jamie Raskin recalls one tragedy no parent should endure — the suicide of his son — and then a second tragedy at almost the same time — the insurrection on January 6th 2021, that terrified he and his congressional peers who were tasked by the Constitution to routinely oversee the orderly transfer of power from one former president to the duly elected new President. 
    • “A Warning” by Anonymous (Miles Taylor) written prior to the January 6th Insurrection as an insider’s account documenting how frequently the former President’s behavior and rage without any “guard rails” showed just how far he would go to win the next election at any cost while spinning lies and misinformation on top of each other.  

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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