S3 E26 — Following Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

People often ask me, how did you arrive at the final selection of Steves from whom you steal their “TauBits of Wisdom”?  So I look both of them directly in the eye and say …

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

“5”  Steve Zahn, 51: “Good questions get direct answers. Write and rewrite your question until it rings with truth and then ask your heart for answers and write down what it says. Move your hand across the page unthinkingly; the words will come.” Scorpio

Hi and welcome to Saturday’s Episode 22 in Season 3 of  My Paradoxically Normal Year” on this 10th day of April in the spring of 2021 — which is a three-year examination of how bits of wisdom changed during the “normal” pre-pandemic year and then in the pandemic year, and now months after.

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Talk about coincidences piling up, their question is precisely the one I’m writing for next  section of the 1-Year Experiment Report.  So here it goes, enjoy!

Turning to my Knowledge Bank, aka Pinboard, let me set the stage.  

In September, 2019 there were 406,129 people in the U.S. with the first name Steve, statistically the 153rd most popular first name. More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Steve are male. 

“Wow, is that a lot?” I wondered.  

Which is why I followed Alice down the rabbit hole (which for some unforeseen reason I’m not shooting any longer when they graze on my front lawn with the jet nozzle set to full  force on my hose (rabbits not Alice)) having Googled “Steve”.

Nope. It’s like Steve is on an endangered list.

But, believe it or leave it on the web I found a hell of a lot of lists.  Lists of famous people.  Lists about ranking the best, worst, most interesting, and most surprising names of real people, normal and famous.

And a famous Steves quiz — Quick, how many celebrities named Steven can you think of?  Close your eyes, no fair peaking!

The famous Steves below have many different professions, as this list includes notable actors named Steven, athletes named Steve, and even political figures named Steven. Steve Martin was one of the original Saturday Night Live cast members. He’s also been in movies such as Roxanne and The Three Amigos. He also is a playwright and an avid art collector. Steve Carrell hasn’t been on SNL, but he used to star on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He really made his way into everyone’s hearts as his starring role on The Office. He then transitioned into films, including Crazy, Stupid Love and Anchorman. Steve Irwin was also on television, but he wasn’t cracking too many jokes. He was an Australian native who hosted the show The Crocodile Hunter. He infamously passed away when he was stung by a sting ray.

And, so on. 

Until I felt I hit the jackpot. Was this synchronicity?  

Something in my little Leo da V brain chimed like someone named Steve ringing my doorbell. Can you believe the Amazon driver’s name was Steve?

One of the famous birthdays sites listed the top 10 Steves organized by horoscope which when you do the math = 120!

    • Scorpios: Steve Zahn, 51; Steve Peacocke, 37; Steve Ditko, (1927 – 2018); Steve Kazee, 43; Steve Valentine, 52; Steve Caballero, 54; Steve Atwater, 52; Steve Edge, 46; Steve Gonsalves, 43; Steve Bould, 56
    • Aquarius:  Steve Nash, 45; Steve Perry, 70; Steve Yeager, 38; Steve McNair (1973 – 2009); Steve Prefontaine (1951 – 1975); Steve Terada, 35; Steve Roberts, 37; Steve Reeves (1926 – 2000); Steve Wynn, 77; Steve Hackett, 69 
    • Capricorns: Steve Harvey, 62; Steve Harwell, 52; Steve Hardynal, 29; Steve Earle, 64; Steve Lund, 30; Steve Jordan, 62; Steve Bruce, 58; Steve Allen (1921 – 2000); Steve Williams, 55; Steve Wariner, 64; Steve Garvey, 70 
    • Sagittarius: Steve Aoki, 41; Steve Buscemi, 61; Steve Cook, 34; Steve Harris, 53; Steve Angello, 36; Steve Moses, 26; Steve Spangler, 52; Steve Biko (1946 – 1977); Steve Taylor, 61; Steve Stamp, 34 
    • Virgos: Steve Greene, 34; Steve Guttenberg, 61; Steve Jones, 64; Steve Garrigan, 31; Steve Pemberton, 52; Steve Schirripa, 62; Steve Oram, 46; Steve Milatos, 27; Steve Park, 52; Steve Hofmeyr, 55 
    • Cancers: Steve Howey, 42; Steve Perez, 23; Steve Burton, 49; Steve Little, 47; Steve Booker, 31; Steve Downes, 58; Steve Lawrence, 84; Steve Thomas, 56; Steve Albini, 57; Steve Byrne, 45 
    • Leos: Steve Carrell, 57; Steve Martin, 74; Steve Wozniak, 69; Steve Lacy (1934 – 2004); Steve Hawkins, 57; Steve Ronin, 27; Steve Chen, 41; Steve Higgins, 56; Steve Talley, 38; Steve Davis, 52 
    • Geminis: Steve Smith, 30, Steve Lacy, 21, Steve Zaragoza, 37, Steve Vai, 59, Steve Cardenas, 45, Steve Rizzo, 20, Steve Mason, 31, Steve Novak, 36, Steve Savoca, 22; Steve Willis, 43 
    • Taurus: Steve Backshall, 46; Steve Smith, 40; Steve Winwood, 71; Steve Yzerman, 54; Steve Stevens, 60; Steve Clark, (1960 – 1991); Steve Spurrier, 74; Steve McCurry, 69; Steve Arienta, 41; Steve Hansen, 60 
    • Aries: Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980); Steve Redgrave, 57; Steve Mandanda, 34; Steve Ballmer, 63; Steve James, 21; Steve Pearce, 36; Steve Howe, 72; Steve Augustine, 42; Steve Bull, 54; Steve Halliwell, 65 
    • Libras: Steve Kerr, 54; Steve Burns, 46; Steve Terreberry, 32; Steve Young, 58; Steve Coogan, 53; Steve Miller, 76; Steve Whitmire, 60; Steve Largent, 65; Steve McQueen, 50; Steve Lukather, 61 
    • Pisces: Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011); Steve Irwin, (1962 – 2006); Steve Wilkos, 55; Steve McFadden, 60; Steve Harris, 63; Steve Gold, 34; Steve Grand, 29; Steve Francis, 42; Steve Evans, 40; Steve Price, 45

That’s 115 more famous Steves than I could name in 2019.

Need I remind you, the purpose of living life like an artist in a natural experiment wasn’t to sing the praises of 120 Steves, but only to separate them from their TauBits of Wisdom — legitimately or illegitimately.  


Let’s start legit — which Zahn, the Fonze, Emma the Baroness and I can claim as our birthright, right?

Except for the part about my unthinking hands grazing across the page, I’m in solidarity with your Holiday Tau today, Zahnny.

“5”  Steve Zahn, 51: “Good questions get direct answers. Write and rewrite your question until it rings with truth and then ask your heart for answers and write down what it says. Move your hand across the page unthinkingly; the words will come.” Scorpio

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Ready or not, here’s the illegitimate part … I like glowing, magic in the summer and a financial lift (but is that like a heist or an elevator)?

Today’s Holiday Birthday: 

You don’t feel courageous, but you are. At first you get things done regardless of whether you believe you can or not. Then you start a streak. The more wins you rack up, the more confidence you gain. You’ll go public with your idea and glow in the spotlight. Summer brings magical connections and a financial lift, too.

Did you notice the addition of Stevie Nicks to “the 99.9 percent of people with the first name Steve are male”?  If I hadn’t added her would the Holiday Tau include lifting weights and feathers? Or what about leather and lace?

“3”  Steve Smith, 30, Stevie Nicks, 72: “Some things are worth doing even though they might be difficult, and some things are worth doing because they’re sure to be difficult. No one ever got strong lifting feathers.” Gemini

What, Howey, don’t leave us in suspense.  What does excitement lead to?

“3”  Steve Howey, 42:An ambitious mood strikes. Ambition requires you to take risks, and risks come with fear, and fear feeds into thrills, which can be addictive. This is only the start of the excitement.” Cancer

So, if I interpret your Holiday Tau correctly Coach Kerr, Leo’s ping, which normally distracts me like a squirrel does a Golden Retriever away from writing my other manuscripts, may end better than I can imagine?  Money? Attention? Props? Someone keeps calling telling me I better act fast because my Honda CRV warranty is about to expire?  Not that kind of calling? 

“5”  Steve Kerr, 54: A tangent will turn into a main focus, mainly because you keep getting attention, money and props for it. This is actually starting to feel like a calling, if not an obsession.” Libra

What’s Going On

Literally Bottled and Set Adrift from KnowWhere Atoll 

    • @KnowLabs suite of digital magazines jumps from 7816 to 7925 organically grown followers




    • “Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge” by E.O. Wilson, an entomologist who studied colonies of ants for their insights.  But didn’t stop there, according to The Wall Street Journal, “A dazzling journey across the sciences and humanities in search of deep laws to unite them.” 
    • “True Believers,” the novel by Kurt Andersen (which seems to precede Fantasyland)? I like how he goes back and forth from now to the ‘60s in which the main character is writing a memoir, but needs “Okays” from her friends who had been hiding a secret for 40+ years that could ruin their careers?  Like, what’s my equivalent? “Disappearing Through the Skylight” by O.B. Hardison, Jr. which proceeded “Consilience” by a decade.  Hardison’s been described as a polymathic renaissance man who wrote, “… Nature has slipped, perhaps finally beyond our field of vision.”  What does it mean for “… science, history, art and architecture, music, language, ultimately, for humanity”? This one provides missing chunks of understanding where we came from and where we’re going.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by: Holiday Mathis – Creators Syndicate


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