S2 E36 — Turning Lemons into Margaritas

Is this the popping of the stay-at-home-pimple expressed as frustration and anger? It’s easy to feel concern about thousands of us flocking to Orange County beach towns.

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): Rebellion produces action, often erratic. Obedience produces action, often consistent. People obeying orders look reasonable and systematic, even while carrying out unreasonable orders.  Aries

Hi and welcome to Sunday’s Episode 36 in Season 2 of  “My Pandemic Year Experiment” on this twenty-sixth day of April in the spring of 2020. 

Season One and Two are a two-year examination of how bits of wisdom changed during the “normal” pre-pandemic and then in this unfolding pandemic year.

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Here are some of this week’s headlines pulled from our daily “Top 30 Digest” brought to you, “Fresh from the Labs. Literally bottled and set adrift from KnowWhere Atoll.


I know I can’t speak for all of us Zahnny — the Fonz and Emma the Baroness, but yes, given the circumstances, our Holiday Tau feels good!

“5” Steve Zahn, 51: “It will be supremely satisfying to use your creativity. You’ll bring things into being that no one else could. They might be able to do something similar, but no one can do exactly what you can do.” Scorpio

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Of course I wasn’t born yesterday or today.  But, under “house arrest” already, without really being caught for stealing your birthday doesn’t this place another spin on turning lemons into margaritas?

Today’s Holiday Birthday: 

Your work ethic is stellar, and you are using your time better and better. You make sure to do what you love as much and as regularly as possible and this makes your life feel meaningful and wonderful. You’re able to be more tolerant of people’s quirks, so the days go smoothly and your horizons open to a large view.

As some of you already know, I’m skeptical when during zero dark thirty while sipping a cup of home brew in my dark blue mug I steal 50% of the Holiday Tau available.  

Let’s turn to our Patron Saint, shall we?  Never one to shy away from assuming an independent, in-your-face kind of role Steve, is your Holiday Tau a commentary on our current political climate? Erratic action, unreasonable orders?

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): Rebellion produces action, often erratic. Obedience produces action, often consistent. People obeying orders look reasonable and systematic, even while carrying out unreasonable orders.  Aries

Likewise, W&W, has your Holiday Tau shifted to political commentary too?  Blaming and shaming on Twitter?

“4”  Steve Winwood, 71; Stevie Wonder, 69: People like to have someone to blame. In fact, they need it. Otherwise, how is anyone to go on as though they know what they’re doing and haven’t made significant errors?  Taurus

Hey Smithy, I kinda get your Holiday Tau.  You’re not buying lifestyles defined by consumption or advertising or social media?  Because, you are more than one identity expressed through a more authentic self?  Is that close?

“3”  Steve Smith, 30: You understand the world by understanding yourself. The creed you follow, the values you uphold and the products you use are indicators of an identity that still doesn’t even come close to representing the whole of you.” Gemini

Howey, your TauBit of Wisdom seems simple and true for me.  I’m guessing all of my writing, and journaling fits the description, right?

“5”  Steve Howey, 42:Having something to tell and not being able to tell it — that’s an agony! You won’t break anyone’s trust if you create a locked document or diary to spill your fascinating information into.” Cancer

Hmm.  Coach Kerr, I have to agree.  All the book reading is one thing.  Putting what you learn into action is quite another.  At the core of knowledge creation and innovation is the question asked around the legendary Xerox PARC R&D Paradoxy-Moron group — let’s invent something, then use it as customer,and see what it makes us become. Let’s see what this new technology changes for us, share it and build on it, try it out, see what it allows us to do better and innovate around those features and functions.

“5”  Steve Kerr, 54:The problems you solve today will give you something you can use later. You’ll build on these solutions. They’ll become the rules by which you solve future problems.” Libra

Listen, this Holiday Tau fits the image I have of you well — have you ever shied away from a challenge?  One, by the way, that you framed in big audacious goals?  I hope that on a smaller scale I can claim some of your Holiday Tau.

“4”  Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011): You’re not one to shy away from a challenge. You’ll dare to take on a difficult task and because of this, you’ll get a reward that is afforded to very few.” Pisces

Speaking of the common circumstances all of us find ourselves trapped in, does this count as a shift in the Holiday Tau as being different from last year’s natural experiment?

Holiday Forecast for the Week Ahead:  

“… emphasizes concepts of power, force and authority, affording us the opportunity to reassess what we are able to do, who can help and why it’s important. 

It is often true that we place imaginary limits on ourselves or that others lead us to believe we must stay in the roles and positions that serve them best. We are like cattle that have been trained not to cross gratings in the road. Once our training has taken hold, the gratings can be replaced with painted lines that could be easily crossed were we not so afraid of illusory consequences… is a chance to rethink what’s got us so timid, find our points of leverage and see if there aren’t ways we can take back the power we wrongly or unnecessarily ceded. 

The second significant change … bodes well for getting business back on track….Our usual ways of doing business have been interrupted, and we’re having to get creative about how to move forward grit… and determination that helps us walk and work in hope.”

What’s Going On

Literally Bottled and Set Adrift from KnowWhere Atoll 

    • @knowlabs followers of one or more of my 35 digital magazines grew from 1735 to 1760.




    • Just picked up “Bob Dylan In America” by Sean Wilentz.  Maybe because of the subliminal messaging like the times are a changing and the answer is blowing in the wind, but I kinda like Sean’s fanboy becomes music critic becomes historian surrounding Dylan’s life and times.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by: Holiday Mathis – Creators Syndicate


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