S1 E172 — Got it, Nash.  Rules, Heart, Mouth, Action.

I feel like an exhausted marathon runner who sprinted his last mile just to finish ahead of a man or woman 10 years his senior.  I coin this as “Working on the Business.” 

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): Estimation is an art.  To overestimate your ability to do a thing in a certain time frame will bring pain.  Give yourself three times the amount you assume you need, and you’ll assume you need, and you’ll be comfortable.  Aries

Hi and welcome to Sunday’s Episode 172 in the first season of “My 1-Year Natural Experiment” on this 16th day of February in winter of 2020.


So, yay! The big news last week was the finalizing of my Patreon Page.  

Nobody is following it or pledging support yet. Hopefully that will change over time if I can keep my motivation and focus on the following tasks on my project plan.

      • Sunday:  Plan Patreon Special Offer for Spring priced at $3 Cambria Tier 
      • Monday:  Prepare for interview with Steve B. questions (legacy) as a test case for the Tau of Steves — what’s in a name? 
      • Tuesday: Fix website access and embed Patreon badge 
      • Wednesday: Launch close friends trial email campaign; click, visit, share and follow for free 
      • Thursday:  Set up Facebook page and plan a Friends of Steves “Tau” group 
      • Friday: Publish “Nouns, Zips and Horoscope Heists” on Patreon


Was it because of so many typos?  Or the glitch in the delivery of the printed edition of The Los Angeles Times? That’s not what’s really important.  What is, I had Googled Holiday Mathis and found her online at Creators Syndicate Inc. 

But, even more important than cutting and pasting and thus removing errors and speeding up my efficiencies was the discovery of “Forecast for the week ahead.” It blew my mind.  

Will it tell me how I will successfully execute on my project plan?  

Here’s today’s for all the Steves no matter when they plopped out of their mother’s wombs.

Holiday Forecast for the Week Ahead:  

We will grow ourselves through whatever endeavors we take on this week, though they’ll be completely unrelated to our conscious aims and declared goals.

Well, is that a yes or a no?

Hi Steve unfortunately I get our TauBit of Wisdom for living a good life, but it’s not what I need today. 

“3”  Steve Zahn, 51: “When people don’t treat you right, it’s usually more about them than it is about you.  However, you can’t control the ‘them’ part.  Do all you can about the ‘you’ part and life will be good.” Scorpio

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Researcher’s Note:  Nope.  My birthday is still eight and a half months away.   

I wish my mother plopped me out on this date, so I wouldn’t feel bad swiping your birthday Holiday Tau.  I so wanted this to be about my Patreon adventures taken in fear, uncertainty and doubt so far but in the form of the forecast for my next week’s project plan.

Today’s Holiday Birthday: 

“You will cross into the territory you have been dreaming about.  Your journey will be smooth.  Shortcuts will work out.  It’s as though you were meant for this experience, and you’ll be welcomed and served accordingly.  Later, you’ll teach others and you’ll care for them with all the grace and warmth you were shown.”

Oh, that’s just great.  I know you’re the Patron Saint and all, but couldn’t you have mentioned this TauBit say, oh I don’t know maybe 6 months ago!!!!?

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): Estimation is an art.  To overestimate your ability to do a thing in a certain time frame will bring pain.  Give yourself three times the amount you assume you need, and you’ll assume you need, and you’ll be comfortable.  Aries

And what’s up with you two musicians?  Your Holiday Tau is not what I want to hear or need at this stage of my Patreon project.

“3”  Steve Winwood, 71; Stevie Wonder, 69: You’re going to do a thing eventually.  If you don’t do it today or in three weeks, don’t despair.  Despair takes a lot of energy in the wrong direction.  Taurus

Yeah, but how?  Contrasting in a double negative kind of way how does an INTP introvert who does nothing much but explore his inner life celebrate it and use it — profitably?

“4”  Steve Carell, 57; Steve Martin, 74; Steve Wozniak, 69: There are those who recoil from facing themselves on a page or in a mirror.  Contrastingly, you’ve no fear when it comes to exploring your inner life.  That’s something to celebrate and use.” Leo

See, this is exactly what I’m talking about.  INTPs might as well be the endangered species poster children of the Myers Briggs Temperament Profiles, because we populate less than 5% of the total profiles.  Which when you extrapolate it as a TAM (total available market) you’ve to kiss a hell of a lot of frogs to get the princess to purchase — warts and all. Maybe I solicit help from Steve B. on Tuesday?

“5”  Steve Greene, 34; Steve Guttenberg, 61:Today’s problem will not be universal.  In fact, it’s extremely specific to you.  So there are very few who will empathize, sympathize or even help, but that will not stop you from solving it, not at all.” Virgo

Hey Coach Kerr, are you teaming up with the two musical icons to offer your Holiday Tau as a conspiracy to distract me by filling my head with Caribbean Dreaming escapes?  Cut. It. Out.

“4”  Steve Kerr, 54:What’s going on isn’t so bad, but you still need a break from it.  The important part about this flight of fancy — or this flight of vacation or even this flight of escape — is that it includes a return flight.” Libra

Yeah, I get your Holiday Tau Steve.  I do this all the time and never figured out why I feel the way I do, as I am want to avoid eye contact.

“5”  Steve Harvey, 62:You don’t always love running into people you know in places you weren’t expecting to see them, but it’s a good test of how close you’re being to the person you’d like to be seen as.”  Capricorn

Got it, Nash.  Rules, heart, mouth, action.  

“4”  Steve Nash, 45:You’ll make new rules, first in your heart and then with your mouth and finally with action.  You’ll follow up on the things you decide today, so make sure they are things you want to happen.  Aquarius

Hmm.  What is your Holiday Tau implying?  Normally as an INTP I require time to myself, some meditating, some exercises.  What else is there?

“5”  Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011): How are you going to recharge? This is the question, and you’ll answer it in interesting ways as you get energy from things you weren’t expecting would revitalize you.” Pisces

End of the Week “Knews” for FOSs

Trends — 

Short-Form — Headlines and Highlights from Fresh from the Labs

Long-Form — 

    • My notes from the introduction in “21 Lessons for the 21st Century” by Yuval Noah Harari:  Sapiens, surveyed the human past, examining how an insignificant ape became the ruler of planet Earth. Homo Deus, my second book, explored the long-term future of life, contemplating how humans might eventually become gods, and what might be the ultimate destiny of intelligence and consciousness. What is happening right now? What are today’s greatest challenges and choices? What should we pay attention to? What should we teach our kids? Thinking about the big picture is a relatively rare luxury. A single mother struggling to raise two children … 

Progress and Procrastination — 

    • Procrastinate — I should have been crafting a Special Offer campaign as a way to move $1 Tier (Balboa Island) to $3 Tier (Cambria), but I didn’t get to it yet.
    • Progress — Published how go sign up instructions  for receiving your $1 Balboa Island benefits, “Trouble Claiming Your Digest? Take These Steps.”
    • Progress — Published “Ask Me Anything” for new followers that included, What does being an introvert have to do with anything? We come in six temperament flavors. We’re easy with solitude. In fact, many of us prefer mountain cabins, if given the choice, which inspired me to write about quality-of-life communities in the Sierra and Rocky Mountain Ranges. I happen to be one that I call SPIP short for Systematic-Professional, Idea Packager. 

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by: Holiday Mathis – Creators Syndicate


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