S2 E25 — Are You an Innie or Outie Thinker?

The dawn greets me with a surprise, I receive an email from one of the mentors I recruited and managed for guiding Executive MBA students in the program for our University’s School of Business.  

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

“5”  Steve Harvey, 62 :It’s not like your intuition comes and goes. It’s part of you that is always there. The volume sometimes ducks under louder sounds in your brain caused by more intense thoughts and emotions.” Capricorn

Hi and welcome to Thursday’s Episode 25 of the Second Season’s  My Pandemic Year’s Natural Experiment, on April 9th in the spring of 2020 here in California.

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By the last week in March I fought through the technical iCloud restraints.  I sent group emails to 370 former proteges and mentors and began hearing back one by one.  

I’m responding a little late here but good to hear from you.  Hope all is well for you and your family in this current crazy environment.  So much uncertainty in the short term, long term we should be OK.

I have been with Endress+Hauser in Anaheim for almost 3 years now, a producer of liquid analytical instruments.  We remain open today as an essential supplier to many critical industries.  Trying to safely stay open and hoping our luck lasts…

My e-mail has not changed and you can find me on Linked in anytime.

His uncertainty ran through many of my “back and forths”.  A little luck wished for.  I kept a running summary of how each experienced  the unknown for my next update. 

By coincidence, one of my Proteges finally took the bait:

I’ve fortunately been steadily busy.  There’s a series on Netflix that I was Archival Producer on and I received 2 Emmy Nominations.  I also received an international nomination for the HBO documentary “The Defiant Ones.”  I recently did a CNN series on Late Night Television that’s going to be airing soon.  I also worked on the interstitial documentaries Behind the History running with the new Amazon series “Hunters” and I’m currently doing a Discovery documentary.  

Since I have to do budget cost reports and projections, I’m constantly using many of the things I learned in the program.  I’m also still in touch with many of my fellow classmates.

Finally, in my non-assertive way my initial email prompted her to ask!

What are you up to these days? 

Which, in a “Work-on-the-Business”, means the time has come to jump start weekly email newsletter updates, while balancing time for research into “Chasing the Dime,” “The 5th Risk” and “The Introvert Advantage” with writing my manuscript.

Over the past ten years I’ve field-tested the content I’m writing about in my “Volume Two — Work” manuscript in advisory sessions, seminars, workshops, panel discussions and in mentor meetings.  

Staring at a blank screen is not one of my favorite past times.  I have to make some basic choices.  Write about what you know, right?  Should I start with chapters about the “Inner Directed”?  A university is filled with them. And, so is the federal government and large, mature organizations of all types — Systematic-Professionals. 

“The Fifth Risk”  describes how the thinkers — scientists and researchers — in federal departments were targeted by Trump’s administration, while “Chasing the Dime” describes the inner workings of a (fictional) commercial research laboratory which fits the Paradoxy-Moron organization type.

I’m flip-flopping a little when I realize “thinkers” represent my common audience — but, they “come in” both extrovert and introvert temperaments listed below.

8 Myers–Briggs Thinking Types associated with my research (Talent Profile Code)

4 Inner-Directed 

ISTP (103 PMCI), 

INTJ (104 PMRDE), 

ISTJ (110 SAAS), 

INTP (113 SPIP)  

4 Outer-Directed

ESTP (105 EEMA) , 

ENTJ (106 EEOA), 

ESTJ (116 SPIT), 

ENTP (101 PMBI).

I’ve got a lot on my plate and not enough concentrated time to flesh out stories and case studies my students, proteges and mentors shared with me for the first draft of my “Volume Two — Work” manuscript.


Is there any Holiday Tau  I can turn to today?  Zahnny, your TauBit of Wisdom seems to be the undercurrent theme I’m receiving in my emails.  And, it’s meant for me, even better.

“5”  Steve Zahn, 51: “Waste no time fretting about what could happen, especially if it’s negative. Lots of things can and will happen. Good lives are lived in the margins of hope and possibility.” Scorpio

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Thank goodness Zahn, the Fonze, Emma the Baroness and I didn’t have to swipe yours, even though you are our Patron Saint.  Sorry, Steve I’m passing on this one. Strike that your honor. Forced to work from home turns out to be the major adjustment we face with personal space!

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): The day’s conflict has to do with two people trying to occupy the same space. Neither one is more correct. When ego and pride are put aside, there is a way to take turns.” Aries

Smithy, we’ve shared very valuable Tau before, but this just isn’t relevant for me today. I’m such a buffoon, Steve your Holiday Tau clarifies how to take advantage of our Patron Saint’s. 

“5”  Steve Smith, 30: There’s a way to make peace with every moment. Finding it requires you to drop knee-jerk reactions and decide to think something different. You’re willing because you love peace more than you love arguing.” Gemini

Howey, somehow we just aren’t connecting today with any of the Holiday Taus for Steves, except the only one I can legitimately claim all for myself. Sorry, I’m sticking with my first impression. 

“3”  Steve Howey, 42:Loved ones have their own lives and adventures and when those journeys take them in different directions, you stay the course of your own knowing that the road of love always circles back.” Cancer

Yeah, I’m feeling your TauBit of Wisdom today G&G, but it just doesn’t win the day for me, you know.  You almost got me with the “inner life” tied to the 4 inner-directed thinkers, but not quite.

“4”  Steve Greene, 34; Steve Guttenberg, 61:Hard work is fine with you today. Boring work is fine, too. Whatever the work, it is your attitude about it and the inner life you bring to it that makes it worthwhile.” Virgo

Hey Harv, how’s it going?  Now, your Holiday Tau feels right up there with Zahnny’s.  Yours starts with “intuition” and then it includes both “thoughts” and emotions, so yeah I’m all in. 

“5”  Steve Harvey, 62 :It’s not like your intuition comes and goes. It’s part of you that is always there. The volume sometimes ducks under louder sounds in your brain caused by more intense thoughts and emotions.” Capricorn

What’s Going On

Literally Bottled and Set Adrift from KnowWhere Atoll 

    • @knowlabs followers or one or more of my 35 digital magazines jumped from 1532  to 1581.




    • “Rhythms of Vision: The Changing Patterns of Belief” published in 1975 by Lawrence Blair, Ph.D. “Whereas our outer, rational memories show us only brief span on the surface of history behind us, our inner memories — through myth and symbol — detect currents of meaning beneath the future as well.”“The outer chaos and confusion of our time is but the disturbance which characterizes the metamorphosis of all great rhythms, or aeon’s, into a new one; but inwardly, the iron-filings of a special kind of related knowledge are already polarizing themselves around a new pattern of Meaning, revealing that a deeper knowledge of universal laws in contingent on a deeper knowledge of the self, and the schism between the two wolds of science and religion is beginning to heal and to merge into a single majestic river of vision.”
    • “The Fifth Risk,” by Michael Lewis  describes how the thinkers in federal departments were targeted by Trump’s administration, especially the scientists and researchers. “‘I was fucking nervous as shit, Bannon later told friends. I go, Holy fuck, this guy [Trump] doesn’t know anything. And he doesn’t give a shit.’ Even in normal times the people who take over the United States government can be surprisingly ignorant… The United States government might be the most complicated organization on the face of the earth. Its two million federal employees take orders from four thousand political appointees. How to stop a virus, how to take a census, how to determine if some foreign country is seeking to obtain a nuclear weapon or if North Korean missiles can reach Kansas City: these are enduring technical problems.”
    • “Chasing the Dime,” by Michael Connelly describes the inner workings of a (fictional) commercial research laboratory which fits the Paradoxy-Moron organization type. “(In the lab) is where you find time for more AE work. Analyze and evaluate. When the unknown or unexpected came up in the lab you stopped and went into AE mode. What do you see? What do you know? What does it mean? In the lab everything was clear … simple. Quantifiable. Scientific theory was tested and either proved or disproved. No gray areas. No shadows.”

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by: Holiday Mathis – Creators Syndicate


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