S2 E21 — Cycles of History Rhyming with Endlessly Disruptive Rhythms?

How do we miss the writing on the wall that leads to shock, bargaining, denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance? It won’t be the last time, because it happens more frequently.  

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

“5”  Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011): When you seek achievement and goals, there’s a definite end in mind.  But this thing you’re after now will be an endless cycle of exploring and reinvention.” Pisces

Hi and welcome to Thursday’s Episode 21 of the Second Season’s  My Pandemic Year’s Natural Experiment, on April 2nd in the spring of 2020 here in California.

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Overtaken by events once more, I’m urgently summarizing the last four critical chapters from my second book in The Knowledge Path series, “Authentic Lifestyle Businesses:  Plug Your Passions in and Play Anywhere”.

Is it time for elevating these lessons to a higher priority for publishing on Patreon?

Disruption  (Surviving)

“Those of us who have been in transition (between jobs) can tell you that when you are blind-sided it’s not fun.” 

How do we miss the writing on the wall that leads to shock, bargaining, denial, anger, depression, and finally acceptance.

Steps (6) Anticipate changing circumstances and economic cycles.

Anticipation (Thriving, Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF))

“Give yourself and your loved ones more choices and options.”

Why anticipation acts like an advanced warning device: gain more control and thrive.

Step (19) Anticipate the growing shifts in life and business. Nobody wants to swim upstream if the current is moving everything in the opposite direction. Clue your fans in.

Translation  (Fans)

“What isn’t smart is to build the core of your business around something that can change in a heartbeat.”

How to take complex change and translate it into concrete action that lets other people survive the tsunami, you become one of the most valuable people society has to offer. 

Step (18) If your lesser fans have lost their way and you can offer solutions to thrive in bad and good times, then you have a solid opportunity to convert them into true fans for life.

Resilience  (Time Frames: 2003 to 2008; 2009 to 2014; 2015 to 2020)

“You see your peers not able to adapt, not able to grasp reality, and it’s really the death of a thousand cuts.”

What happens when you exceed your “absorption threshold” especially for longer periods of time – dysfunction, fatigue, emotional burnout, inefficiency, even sickness or drug abuse.

Step (17) Sketch out your trajectory in 5-year time frames.  Will we fall into another recession?  Absolutely.  Will you be ready this time with future-proofed strategies? 

Step (7) Persist and pivot to navigate external threats and opportunities.

Does history repeat itself?  

Was it really Mark Twain who said something along the lines that if it doesn’t it rhymes.  

The lessons from thriving during the Great Recession may require tweaking, but the rhythm and chorus feels about right.


Let’s check in with our Holiday for today, shall we?

Unless or until this period in our lives becomes more dire, I’d say our legitimate TauBit of Wisdom rings true, just not that high on my list.

“3”  Steve Zahn, 51: “The best reason to improve?  For you, it’s to fulfill an idea you have about who you might be.” Scorpio 

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

I realize this is only the second Holiday Tau for 9 sets of Steves, but without considering the rest your’s hits home.  My research into Inner-Directed MBTI temperaments as a way of identifying their best fits in organization type and growth stage must be what you’re talking about.  I have to weigh this set of COVID-19 concerns to determine if the potential pandemic threat is a distraction or a new focus. 

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): You can’t afford to be pulled out of the flow of what you’re doing.  Sure, you can jump back in, but every distraction cost you something.”   Aries

So W&W I hear the tune you’re playing, but today’s not the day for me to sing along.

“3”  Steve Winwood, 71; Stevie Wonder, 69: There have been plenty of days when you didn’t want to do something, and you did it anyway because you’re a person who honors your commitments.  Today, you’ll be rewarded.”  Taurus

Okay.  Are you saying feelings of panic or the denial of procrastination or just plain distraction can work for me?  I’m not quite there yet, Smithy but if it comes to that, I’ll remember your Holiday Tau.

“3”  Steve Smith, 30: Stay fixed on your aim, and let whatever feelings show up organize themselves to help you.” Gemini

Howey, is your Holiday Tau about writer’s block?  Or, is this a complementary TauBit of Wisdom to share with Smithy?  Either way, I’m not feeling the need.

“3”  Steve Howey, 42:There are plenty of reasons why you can’t do the thing, and writing them down is the first step in your plan.”  Cancer

Here’s how I’m interpreting your Holiday Tau guys, tell me if I’m wrong.  This loops back all the way to McQueen’s TauBit of Wisdom, right?  So, I need to reach out to my network of mentors, proteges and longtime associates and friends to check in on how they are coping?

“5”  Steve Carell, 57; Steve Martin, 74; Steve Wozniak, 69: Your reputation is excellent, and you’ll like the feedback you get when you test that.” Leo

Firm believer here, Coach Kerr.  Your Holiday Tau might as well be preaching to the choir. Especially we introverts love to reflect and meditate, and if this COVID phenomenon is just a scare, I’ll be able to return to offering options when changing careers.

“5”  Steve Kerr, 54:Can anyone tell you what to do with your life? Sure, and lots of people will be happy too. But moments of reflection and meditation will give you better intel.” Libra

Sometimes I mix you and Kerr up although you played a different style of basketball in the NBA.  You should become a coach.  Anyway, spaces.  Almost like that famous Wayne Gretzky quote about shooting the puck to where the scorer will be, not where he is now.  Your soccer probably contributed to how great you were at reading spaces and passing lanes in motion.  Am I right?

“4”  Steve Nash, 45:The space between things will convey more meaning than things themselves.  You’ll get good at reading spaces.” Aquarius

OMG.  Your Holiday Tau completely took a sharp turn from where I felt your were going.  I love where you left it — an endless cycle of exploring and reinvention — so you!

“5”  Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011): When you seek achievement and goals, there’s a definite end in mind.  But this thing you’re after now will be an endless cycle of exploring and reinvention.” Pisces

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