S1 E136 — Just How Do Zip Codes Prevent Homebuyer Remorse?

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book

Hi and welcome to Sunday’s Episode 136 in the first season of “My 1-Year Natural Experiment” on this 15th day of December in winter of 2019.

Only ten days remain to complete your Christmas shopping, guys.  Fewer, if like our family you celebrate Christmas Eve as the occasion to pass out gifts and the day as designated for White Elephant gifts.  

“5”  Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011): You know that you don’t yet understand a thing enough to form an opinion, let alone act on the matter.  This knowledge is, in and of itself, virtuous.  A lesser person wouldn’t even realize the gap.” Pisces


I’ve struggled with my opening long-form essay for Patreon.  One that synthesizes all my separate passion projects.

What I care about like ocean pollution and coastal water — started me profiling the impact on towns in “California Coast Tip to Tip” and “Western Skies and Island Currents.” It was a natural.  I traced the “Mother Road” from the Midwest to the West coast already in “Best West Road Trips — Route 66.” Spoiler alert; it ends at the Santa Monica Pier. 

Pacific Coast Highway as an itinerary felt like the natural next project.

And water in rivers and lakes like just after a visit to friends living in Durango, Colorado in my fourth of five books to be published in the Knowledge Path Series.  

The whole Animas River turned a deep muddy yellow from an upstream blow out of a closed mine in neighboring Silverton.  Interestingly, years later our friends moved back.  

Their story mirrored the arc of three residents victim of gentrification forces in Whitehead, Montana … to illustrate how zip codes matter and can prevent buyers remorse simply by knowing your lifestyle and previewing new towns as potential quality-of-life communities in a region. 

How does being an introvert … We come in 6 temperament flavors.  We’re easy with solitude.  In fact, many of us prefer mountain cabins if given the choice, and inspired me to write about quality-of-life communities.

I happen to be one that I call SPIP short for Systematic-Professional, Idea Packager.  What does an Idea Packager do?  That’s what I’m answering in Volume Two of the Knowledge Path Series.  The first volume answers the question, if I can live and work anywhere then which community should I choose as my best fit for inspiration, satisfaction and happiness? 

The second answers the question, if I could work for any company or type of organization as an employee or consultant, which type brings out the best and worst in me?  

OK.  What’s the answer for you?  Which is the best or worst organization for an Idea Packager to draw a paycheck?  

Here’s the story I tell when someone asks me about it. We hadn’t seen my wife’s cousin for years.  She threw a wonderful welcome to Norway family reunion for us as experienced through severe jet lagged senses.  On her grand piano in her study sat a book, “Homo Deus.” When I asked her what she liked about it, since it was one of my favorites, she told me she refers to it with clients.  When I told her about in Volume Two we began one of those long conversations between friends who hadn’t seen each other, like forever, but reconnected as if time hadn’t passed between us. 

As advisors and consultants we had so much in common, especially when I told her organizations in decline suited me best.  She laughed, saying they’re motivated to change, which is huge because that isn’t always the case.  Send me a copy, I’d love to read it she said as she rose from the long dining room table to attend to one of the children. 

OK, two down, what about the Volume Three series? This series in a sense asks the question has wisdom reversed?  In slower-paced less technology-driven times the elder generation passed down critical lessons to younger generations.  Like the clothes I passed down to my kids growing up — my old army fatigues and field jacket — as popular as vinyl records. Now, I find myself wearing hand-me-ups from them.  This one is less fleshed out than the first two volumes and requires most of my time to figure out.  I’m just asking myself, “What would Leo da V do?”  Like Leonardo I’m easily distracted from what I should be doing to earn a living and a sucker for following my curiosity. 

Little snippets come to me when he lets my unconsciousness bubble to the surface.  What started as a dream of being interviewed for the WTF podcast by Marc Maron seems promising as a working title, “The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book.” This one is a little dangerous for me.  Why? I intend to self-publish what I envision to be self-written. Maybe better put by a community.  

In what sense?  That’s a great question.  The subject matter focuses on legacy and wisdom. But through what it’s like to be given a name by your mother who brought you into the world with loving expectations.  You begin with a sound — your name. And you grow and evolve in your own life, so I’m wondering to what extent that name imprinted into you influences your life. This is probably the only time in history that we have the technology to solicit input from Friends-of-Steves — their parents, sisters and brothers, lovers and partners, and friends and associates — to give their view “from the outside”, as well as, from Steves themselves for their view “from the inside.”

So then the three volumes of The Knowledge Path: Live, Love, Work, Play, Invest and Leave a Legacy” would be complete? Yes, but I can’t do it alone.  Which is why I’m here on Patreon and need your help.

Pretty sure I can say your Holiday Tau gets to the essence of my long essay.

“5”  Steve Zahn, 51: “It is rare to be in a situation where a mentor knows exactly what to do with your talent.  You’ll have to figure out quite a lot about yourself on your own.  As long as you expect and embrace this, the process will be fun.” Scorpio

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Researchers Note:  No this isn’t my birthday.  But, I like it enough to include it.

Today’s Holiday Birthday: 

Travel will be your soul’s thriving influence, as will connecting with new people. You’re gifted in the art of reading and relating to people, yet you’ll seek to further build your emotional intelligence, thus ratcheting up the excitement in your personal life.  Novel self-ware will bring instantaneous and long-range benefit.

Isn’t this TauBit about my speech would have been shorter if I had more time?  A little editing goes a long way, eh?

“5”  Steve McQueen (1930 – 1980): A conversation doesn’t have to be long to be effective.  In fact, the longer it is, the less effective it will be.  Think and write about what you are feeling.  What is worth expressing here?  Choose carefully.” Aries

Haha.  And if over the course of a 1-year experiment my talent will be totally unrecognizable in a good way …

“5”  Steve Howey, 42:Small daily improvements lead to sizable monthly improvements.  If you only do 1% better each day on something that matters to you, in 100 days you’ll have completely transformed your skill level.” Cancer

Like I always say, Steve your Holiday TauBits of Wisdom cover more than just today’s life.  

“4”  Steve Aoki, 41: The value you give today’s pursuits can be summed up by these words of explorer Dame Freya Stark: ‘Love of learning is a pleasant and universal bond, since it deals with what one is and not what one has.’” Sagittarius

Given the political nature of events unfolding in our country, the order has been reversed.  Form an opinion and spin the facts.

“5”  Steve Jobs, (1955 – 2011): You know that you don’t yet understand a thing enough to form an opinion, let alone act on the matter.  This knowledge is, in and of itself, virtuous.  A lesser person wouldn’t even realize the gap.” Pisces

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Inspired by: Holiday Mathis – Creators Syndicate


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