Day 38 of My 1-Year Experiment

The Tau of Steves: What You Don’t Know Could Fill a Book


May 2019

“5”  Steve Zahn, 51: “In your area of expertise, you’re a forward-thinker.  Trend-chasing would put you behind.” Scorpio

But, wait. Let’s take a moment today on 5/12/19 and ask an important question.

How do you become a forward thinker if you don’t do what I’ve done over the years? 

Maybe not chase trends, but anticipate their impact on industries, client organizations, employers, investment portfolios, business decisions, career trajectories and major decisions I’ve faced at critical junctures.  And, Emma the Baroness rode shotgun on our journey together. 

Random ones that make me want change my sign.

Is there anything else worth stealing from Steves?  I like a little whimsy now and then — really more like a pun “Dad Joke” or two.  It’s what made me think I’d grow up to be a greeting card entrepreneur — pairing witty little sayings with my passion for photography.  

“3” Steve Winwood, 71; Stevie Wonder, 69:Your whimsical ideas are extraordinary ways of fixing a scene that was in grave danger of becoming boring.” Taurus

So much for whimsical, fun flights of fancy.  It’s time to ignore my inner Leo da V’s temptation to slip slide away after hitting the 90% completion.

“4” Steve Howey, 42:The critical moment of a project is in the final approach. Make a plan.” Cancer

Is this Holiday Tau just another way of ganging up on me today?  Buckle down and my dad would say when my grades slipped in high school.  What’s in it for me?  A brilliant tomorrow?

“4”  Steve Harvey, 62: “Catch up on mundane tasks today and expect brilliance tomorrow.” Capricorn

Oh you’re just saying that, CM&W.  I want to believe you Holiday Tau enough to steal it, but …

“3”  Steve Carrell, 57; Steve Martin, 74; Steve Wozniak, 69: You’re getting more detailed in your work, recognizing the smaller things and using them to hone your style.” Leo

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by: Holiday Mathis – Creators Syndicate