Where Are You Going?

I strongly feel you have to stay relevant and more marketable than your competition.

Periodically I revisit my approach for creating new (for me) knowledge that I can apply more efficiently and productively.


My approach unfolds in three phases:

  • What’s Going On? Why?
  • Where Are You Going?
  • What Happened on Your Journey So Far?

Part One: What’s Going On? Why?

Where Are You Going?

  1. What if?
  2. What will you be able to do?
  3. What are your expectations?
  4. How will you feel?
  5. What will you know or understand?

What if?

With so much stuff out there, how do you know what to trust?

What if I apply the research I’ve already deposited into my knowledge bank over the years?

The Knowledge Path Series

What if, then, I can engage a following, both locally and online?

What if I can attract a large enough fan base to build other products they find unique and valuable? The second volume of “The Knowledge Path” series will be about finding the right fit in company cultures for you as you compare 16 organizational talent cultures.

What will you be able to do?

Cultivating “True Fans”

Subscribers, members and patrons learn from my experiences and follow step-by-step details for packaging and repackaging their expertise to generate passive income.

By creating a community, I’ll be able to learn from their experiences too.

We’ll find out what worked and what didn’t work together. 

They’ll follow along to learn from my mistakes and I’ll be able to incorporate lessons they learned as well.

What are your expectations?

Only modest income once the websites are fully functioning and attract enough followers.

Mostly from crowdfunding rather than from book sales. 

This lifestyle business serves as startup with tax write-offs and low initial costs.

My ROE (Return On Effort) slowly and incrementally builds to a longer term sustainable income stream.

How will you feel?

Knowledge Products for Making Money While Your Sleep

Email subscribers will become more accomplished having mastered social, digital media, crowdfunding and self-publishing skills.

I’ll feel gratified, helpful and proud.

What will you know or understand?

As an amateur muddling through and testing my self-help, do-it-yourself process I’ll finally figure out how to offer websites as products through WordPress multisite.

By following along email subscribers  can profit by following my steps and missteps.

With a member community we can refine our learned lessons and offer in the virtual world what I offer to executives in the real world.

Conduct a laboratory. Bank new knowledge and expertise mastered. Package and repackage your deposits into new products.

Where are you going?

Part Three:  What Happened on Your Journey So Far?